Character Creation

For the Players:


Any PHB, FR, or MM (see page 276). If you plan on playing a shifter, please speak with me. Note: I would prefer if you don’t play: Bugbear, Drow, Gnoll, Githyanki, Githzerai or Shadar-Kai. If you are “dead set” on one of those, talk to me and we will work something


Anything from any WotC books. If you wish, you may swap out the Perform Ritual feat for the Alchemy feat at first level (providing the class you choose starts with Perform Ritual). If you long for a flavor that doesn’t exist, talk to me and we’ll work something out. Be forwarned that I may bounce “special requests” off more experienced DMs to make sure I maintain ballance in the force.


I know you no longer have the option of having a Craft Skill, nor a Profession Skill. While I see good reasons for that, each character gains two trained skills to allocate. While this will not have the same impact as your normal skils, they can impact the game, and possibly in a very important way. Choose one Profession (with a Specialty) and one Hobby.

Profession: You made a living doing something general. Examples: Fisherman, Carpenter, Baker, Professor

Hobby: You had something that you did to pass the time. Examples: Play a musical instrument, Sing, Play games, River Rafting

Specialty: You have honed your professional skills in a specific area. Examples: Weaponsmith, Professor of Ancient Languages, Sculpter, Beet Farmer

Note: You must choose a Specialty that is within your chosen profession. The Specialty gives a +2 bonus when doing something related to that specific area within your chosen Profession.

Attribute: You may choose any attribute as the base attribute for your chosen Profession or Hobby, so long as you an justify it without going too far out on a


1. You will want a leader for sure. I would imagine that in some campaigns you could survive by paying for healing… That won’t work in this campaign. You will need a Leader.

2. You will need to be a “well oiled machine” as a group. You will be very self reliant, and I would recommend some pretty in-deapth planning as to how to build your party in such a way as to make its members compliment each other. Have fun with it, discuss it, and bring a lot to the (virtual) table. We have oodles of time, so use that time to create the most incredible party that has ever walked the face of any fantasy realm ever made.


1. You won’t have the magical shopping mall in this campaign. Plan to work your way around that.

2. Make sure you can be self sufficient. You will find few (if any) allies in the darkness beyond those you bring with you.

3. Religion matters. Characters will get be effected during the campaign based on who they worship, and how serious that worship is.

4. Skills matter. Yeah, I know they always matter, but you really want to cover all your bases. After all, when you are hand picked by the gods, you would think they would make sure you have all the needed skills for the job, right?

5. Background matters. What did you do? How long have you done it for? What were your hobbies?

6. Drive matters. No Evil, and I would recommend you don’t even walk the fine line between Evil and Unaligned. If you lean towards evil, even a little, you will find it nearly impossible to play this campaign in character and not “turn to the dark side”. There will be great temptation for anyone who is not driven by at least some degree of altruism.

The World:

There are wars, and rumors of wars. Our adventurers are guarding or traveling with a caravan that is headed through one of the areas that is known to be very dangerous, but also the area has been very quiet for a few months, so the caravan leader/merchant believes that the shortcut should be uneventful…

The Dream:

You are in darkness. Has it been dark forever? No… you somehow know that this is a temporary darkness. Suddenly you see a man… at least you assume it is a man. He is massive, and dressed in spiked armor that seems darker than the darkest night. He appears to be looking for… something. Your gut tells you Something is seeking him as well. You suddenly see… or… maybe feel, six items of great power. Just as you are about to percieve exactly what all of them are, you suddenly feel as if your very soul is drawn to one of them. As it focuses into crystal clear perfection in your mind’s eye, you know it. For just an instant, you see into its psyche. It is terrible, yet you also feel that it has a side that might not be so terrible. It is crying out… for help? You feel in your heart that you were chosen. YOU will find it. YOU will save it. You awake with a start as you hear a scream. Wait… that is your scream. You open your eyes, but darkness still reigns.

Character Creation

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